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Emergency Dentistry

Getting immediate care after experiencing a dental emergency is essential for keeping your smile healthy and preventing further complications. At the office of Stan Kimball, DDS, we offer same-day care in Laguna Hills to ensure you get the treatment you need. Contact us now to schedule a same-day appointment at our office.

Chew on This

Dental injuries caused by trauma, toothaches, bleeding gums, and damaged dental work all count as dental emergencies

Getting immediate emergency care is the best way to save your tooth, prevent complications, and minimize your pain and discomfort

You’ll save time and money by getting care right away, since immediate dental attention lets you avoid common complications and more costly dental treatments and surgeries

Dr. Stan Kimball has decades of experience treating emergency patients, and will always provide you with the right treatment for your condition

We offer same-day appointments to all patients. You can get the help you need right now by calling us at (949) 586-6030 for a consultation


Studies show that only 65% of people are satisfied with their teeth. Call today to learn more about how we can help improve your smile!


Patients who are happy with their smiles are more likely to care for their teeth with proper hygiene habits. Cosmetic treatments have more than just aesthetic benefits!


Whether you are unhappy with stains or you wish you had a straighter smile, cosmetic treatments can help!


A simple whitening from Stan Kimball DDS can brighten your smile up to 10 shades in a single appointment.


Veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic procedures, and they can cover up imperfections from stains to slightly crooked teeth.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Understanding What Conditions Qualify

The category of “dental emergency” is broader than you may think. The most obvious category of emergency is dental injuries. Dental injuries like loose, knocked-out, cracked, or broken teeth will require you to see a dentist immediately to get the care you need. Deep cuts and lacerations to your tongue, cheeks, lips, gums, and other oral tissues also usually require emergency treatment.

However, a lot of other conditions count, too. If you have a painful toothache that lasts 1-3 days or longer, for example, this counts as an emergency. You may have an infected tooth or a deep cavity. Bleeding gums may indicate a serious case of periodontal disease, which demands emergency care.

Even conditions like a pulled-out crown or filling or having a piece of food or other object lodged between your tooth count as emergencies. If you have any oral issue that is causing pain, discomfort or bleeding and you’re not sure how to treat it on your own, you likely are experiencing an emergency. Call the office of Dr. Stan Kimball right now to get the help you need.

What To Do If

You Have A Severe Toothache

A severe toothache that lasts 1-2 days or longer is a serious dental emergency, particularly if it’s accompanied by other symptoms like sensitivity to heat and cold, or discomfort while chewing. This may indicate a tooth infection, which will need treatment with a root canal. 

Without immediate root canal therapy, the pulp inside your tooth that keeps it alive will continue to decay and die. Eventually, this will result in the loss of your tooth. That’s why a severe toothache is a serious dental emergency. 

Call the office of Stan Kimball, DDS at (949) 586-6030 to schedule your same-day appointment in Laguna Hills, and come in as soon as you can. Until you come in, you can use a topical pain reliever like Orajel to help with your pain, but this is not a long-term solution. Make sure you get the care you need from Dr. Stan Kimball.

What To Do If

You Have Loose/Lost Dental Work

A loose or pulled-out piece of dental work, like a crown or filling, qualifies as a dental emergency. This is because the tooth structure underneath your dental work is very vulnerable to further damage and decay. If you don’t get your dental work repaired or replaced right away, you may experience further complications.

Recover your dental work, if possible, and put it into a small plastic bag or container. Dr. Kimball may be able to replace it instead of creating a new filling or crown, which will save you time and money. Then, call us at (949) 586-6030 to get the emergency care you need.

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