Make Damage To Your Teeth Disappear With Veneers

If you’re uncomfortable with your smile due to tooth damage like minor chips, or because of imperfections like gaps between your teeth, stained teeth, or misshapen teeth, veneers from the office of Stan Kimball, DDS may be right for you.

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Laguna Hills, Dr. Kimball can create veneers that will restore your smile and your self-confidence. Learn more about veneers and how they can help you restore your smile below, or contact us now to schedule your consultation.

Hide Stains, Gaps & Imperfections

Veneers are a versatile method of smile restoration because they can be used to cover up almost any imperfection. Minor chips can be repaired with veneers, and they can also be used to correct gaps between your teeth, stained teeth, misshapen and slightly crooked teeth, and a variety of other imperfections.

This is because veneers are built to completely cover up your teeth. After your teeth are trimmed, your veneers will be bonded to your teeth permanently, strengthening them and covering up any cosmetic imperfections. The result is a beautiful smile that will look and feel completely natural.

Let Your Confidence Shine Through 

The biggest benefit of veneers is that they help you feel better about your appearance. If you have damaged, stained, or misshapen teeth, you may be self-conscious when you smile, laugh, speak, or even eat among other people. 

But with veneers, you don’t have to feel nervous, uncomfortable, or self-conscious. Your smile will look beautiful and brilliant, and you can cover up all of your cosmetic imperfections in just 2 short appointments at the office of Stan Kimball, DDS over a 2-3 week period. Once your treatment is complete, you can feel great about showing off your new smile and appearance. 

Get Long-Lasting Results 

Veneers don’t just help you restore your self-confidence and your pride in your appearance. They also provide long-lasting results. Modern veneers are made of thin shells of durable porcelain, which is just as strong as your natural enamel.

With proper care, veneers can easily last 10-20 years or longer. Best of all, it’s easy to take care of your veneers, because you can treat them just like natural teeth. You’ll just need to brush twice a day for two minutes, floss once a day, and see Dr. Kimball for a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months.

Find Out If Veneers Are Right For You – Contact Us For An Appointment Today! 

If you have a healthy mouth but you have minor tooth damage like chips in your teeth, gaps in your smile, and stained or misshapen teeth, veneers may be the best way to restore your smile and your self-confidence. 

So don’t wait. You deserve a bright and brilliant smile. If you’re interested in veneers in Laguna Beach, contact us online or give us a call at (949) 586-6030 to get a consultation with Dr. Stanley Kimball, and explore your options for smile restoration in further detail.

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